Is Naruto finally coming to Fortnite? New Twitter leak suggests his arrival

Is Naruto finally coming to Fortnite? New Twitter leak suggests his arrival

Fortnite has been rumored since a while to have Naruto. Every couple of months there is more noise about the rumor but it never happens. Perhaps we are now in a new age with Fortnite, or maybe the Cube Queen has changed reality outside of Fortnite, because it seems like it is happening according to Twitter leaks.

Popular Fortnite leaker @HypexThe leaker renowned for accuracy has tweeted the following information regarding the forthcoming reveal.

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Fortnite x Naruto and a Hidden Leaf Village Creative Hub will be available on the 16th. The cosmetics & hub are *PLANNED* to release on that day @ 2 PM UTC / 9 AM ET (If the time changes please don’t get mad at me lmao)Won’t go into more details, but prepare your wallets lol

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) November 10, 2021

This is big news. It might give Marvel Fortnite’s more well-known outfits a run for the money. Naruto is likely to be the largest crossover event since Chapter 2 Season 4 due to its large fan base.

This is a confirmed confirmation, although Epic Games has not made any official statements about Naruto’s inclusion to the game. However, the specificity of the additions to the game may be a strong indicator as to Hypex’s claims. We can expect to see many Narutos on Fortnite after the v18.40 update of Nov. 16, 2021.

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