Is Minecraft Realms Down? Here’s how to check Server Status

Is Minecraft Realms Down? Here’s how to check Server Status

You can check Minecraft Realms’ status online to see if it is down. First, visit a Downdector service or site such as and look for Minecraft.

Downdector allows you to view if there’s been an increase in down-reports by users. Also, comments will be displayed at the bottom of the page. These are indicators that the server is down. 

A peek at any social media account for Minecraft Realms can be used to check the server status. Mojang, who make the game, will likely post via social media to address any issues. 

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Nevertheless, make sure to check Minecraft  Mojang support As an extra step, social media is a great way to find out if the servers have gone down. If you don’t see any of this on, or social media for the game it could be a client-side issue.

You can restart the game, reset your router or restart your computer if you suspect this is the case. If your internet speed is slow, you can visit 

In most cases, waiting is the best option. It’s likely that the server problem is causing the issue. If this happens, you will need wait for the developers. 

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