Is Fortnite x Persona 5 a real crossover?

Is Fortnite x Persona 5 a real crossover?

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Fortnite x Persona 5 rumors are back in full swing. Players are eager to find out if this will happen. You won’t be able to play the Joker, Crow or Morgana characters anytime soon. It looks like this is just a rumor, as with many others that are spread online.

Fortnite x Persona 5 will be a success? The answer is no as of now. No credible leaks or information have been found that could suggest any collaboration between Fortnite, Person 5, or other games. Images of Fortnite and Person 5 are all created by fans. Fortnite leakers have not mentioned it to me.

You have likely found images and fan art while surfing the internet looking for information. This tweet shows off some of the fake imagery that you may have found.

Do any of y’all know if this actually real or no??

— Aɳԃɾσɱҽԃα💫 (@AndromedaUlt) August 17, 2020

These images are created by people to show off what they want to see, or to create clickbait to get people excited or angry. In the replies to the thread, someone even explained how they created one image.

Yes, I made the second one (proof here).

— taylor! (@ATTlC_TRASH) August 17, 2020

If you were hoping to see any crossover between Persona or Fortnite, then you will be disappointed. It is possible, but it seems unlikely. A different style of Fortnite art could be an interesting change, and it would make for some interesting cosmetics, as seen in this image.

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