The Bloxy Award returns and seems bigger than ever. This year, they bring with them a live lobby along with Royal Blood. In the guide below, we’ve covered exactly what you need to do to watch the biggest Roblox live event of the year!

How to Watch the Bloxy Awards 2020

The Bloxy Awards are hosted once a year, and players interested in joining can do so on Saturday, March 27 at 2pm CST. Watching the live event is a fairly simple process and no doubt one you’re used to as a Roblox player. To join in the fun, make sure you have Roblox installed on your device, and follow the game link on the official Bloxy Awards Game page. The lobby hub is open right now, so get in on the action!

How to watch the 2021 Bloxys.How to watch the 2021 Bloxys.

This year, they have the event set up like a normal Roblox game that you can join. When you select the Play button (shown in the image above), it will load Roblox and take you to the Bloxy Awards lobby. You’ll feel like you’re in a space-themed area with floating blocks and balls, then you know you’re there. The lobby has many options for you to go on treasure hunts to unlock secret skins and check out additional features. You can also watch the clock count down to the event.

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Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what’s in store!

The Nominees

The list below provides quick reference to all categories and nominees that will be presented at the Bloxys.

  • Best Game Trailer
    • Parenthood!
    • Tank Warfare
    • The Wild West
    • Tower Defense Simulator
  • Best Live Event
    • Adopt Me
    • Arsenal
    • Jailbreak
    • RB Battles
  • Best Showcase
    • After Life
    • Graanhaven, Rotterdam
    • Lost Street
    • Totoro
  • Best Sleeper Hit
    • MegaMech
    • Outlaster
    • Super Doomspire
    • The Wild West
  • The Best Uses of Tech
    • Dragon Adventures
    • Mermaid Life
    • Super Golf!
    • Tank Warfare
  • Best New Game
    • Brookhaven
    • Islands
    • Outlaster
    • Piggy
  • Creator of the Year
    • BIG Games™
    • MiniToon
    • Nosniy Games™
    • Splitting Point Studios
  • Game of the year
    • Adopt Me
    • Piggy
    • Royale High
    • World // Zero
  • The Best Video Content Creator
    • GamingWithKev
    • ItsFunneh
    • KreekCraft
    • Lyna
  • Mobile Game of the Year
    • Adopt Me
    • BIG Paintball
    • Piggy
    • Super Golf
  • Most Educational Game
    • Chess
    • Lua Learning
    • Space Sailors
    • Word Bomb
  • Most Immersive Experience
    • Bad Business
    • Dawn of Aurora
    • Dragon Adventures
    • World // Zero
  • Roblox Video of The Year
    • ElTrollino
    • FGTeeV
    • L0GinHDi
    • LankyBox
  • Xbox Game of the Year
    • Car Crushers 2
    • Driving simulator
    • Phantom Forces
    • Piggy
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Be sure to join the fun on Saturday, March 27 at 2pm CST! To be taken to the website, click the following link Bloxy Award Game Page.

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