How to watch Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22

How to watch Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22

Minecraft Championship 22 can be viewed at the Offical Twitch channel for the Noxcrew. The Noxcrew streams every Minecraft Championship on Twitch. If you are not interested in watching the Livestream through Noxcrew you can watch it at any of the participating Livestreams. 

If you are looking for an Influencer to win, or entertain, we recommend this route. You can view all participating Twitch channels at MCC Live. Minecraft Championship 22 will also begin on May 28, 2022, at 8 pm BST. You will need to register by Saturday if you would like to view the Minecraft Championship 22.  

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What is Minecraft Championship? 

The Noxcrew organizes the Minecraft Championship. The Noxcrew invites Minecraft Community Influencers to participate in the Minecraft Championship. These game modes are designed by the Noxcrew to test each participant’s skills in different areas such as survival, combat, and teamwork. 

As the event progresses, the final match will be played between the two winning teams. The entire Minecraft Championship will be won by the winner of the final match. There will be ten teams competing in Minecraft. The following is a list of all the participants in Minecraft Championship 22.

ParticipantsTeamGeorgeNotFoundDream CaptinPuffyAwesamdudeRed RabbitsPeteZahHuttRyguyrocky Smallishbeans SpifeyOrange OcelotsJojosolos Sylvee Gee Nelly BlushiYellow YaksQuig Smajor Solidarity PearlescentMoonLime LlamasSapnap Foolish Gamers TinaKitten MichaelmcchillGreen GeckosRanboo Seapeekay WilburSoot WispCyan CoyotesHBomb94 Grian FalseSymmetry GoodTimesWithScarAqua AxolotlsTampL Tubbo Snifferish EretBlue BatsPunz GeminiTay ShubbleCubfanPurple PandasPurpled TommyInnit Captain Sparklez TheOrionSoundPink Parrot has you covered for the most recent guides, news and information on all things Minecraft. Mojang removes Fireflies from the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, for realism Best Minecraft 1.16.3 Mods (May 2022)

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