How to warm yourself by the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite

How to warm yourself by the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite

The Winterfest is here, and the Cozy Lodge has returned with gifts for you to open. Players will find a variety of challenges to complete in order to get extra XP and rewards over the course of the event. The Yule Log is the first challenge.

Although this is an easy quest, it can be difficult to get to the Cozy Lodge. To begin, you will need to go to the main screen. You will find a navigation bar at the top that allows you to view different aspects. A new icon appears here, looking like a snowflake. It should have an exclamation symbol next to it if it’s your first time accessing it. This is an example of it as shown in the image to the right.

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You’ll find the next thing that you need to do to get inside the Cozy Lodge in the image to your right. When you’re at the screen where you can see the Lodge in the distance, press the button on the bottom right that says, Visit Lodge. Once you click the button, you will be taken inside the Lodge. Here, all presents and Sgt. Winter seated in a chair.

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These images show the next steps. The first step is to get closer Sgt. Select Winter to move closer to him. Move closer to Winter and select the Yule Log (should be now on the left side) to zoom in. After a few seconds, you will receive XP.

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That’s all there is about the Winterfest challenge.

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