The Cow Catcher MOD is a great item that can be used in many different ways during a match. You can find it in red toolboxes, around gas stations, and car shops. It can be used as a protection barricade or attached to your car to make it deadly. It won’t catch any cows, despite its absurd name. However, it may help you to catch the ‘W’ with Victory Royale. Here are some ways you can use the Mod.

Equip the Mod

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Once you have looted the Mod, you will want to make sure that you have the right tools. You can either press the button on your quick slot inventory to open it, or you can go into your inventory and select it. Once the item is properly equipped, your character should be able hold it in their hands.

Implementing the Mod

Take aim and throw at a specified spot

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To use the Mod as an obstruction, rather than placing it on a vehicle, you will need to locate the place you want to place it and then throw it. The Cow Catcher can be thrown by you aiming at the desired area with the left trigger on your console controller, or the M2 button of your computer mouse. Press the firing button (right trigger or M1) while you aim to send the Cow Catcher to the desired spot.

Hide behind your Barricade

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The Cow Catcher Mod will be deployed as a wall barricade when it is dropped onto a spot. This provides the perfect spot to hide from enemy troops and cover yourself from any oncoming fire. Once the wall is down, you won’t have any way to move it. Make sure it’s exactly where it belongs.

Attaching the Mod

Toss a car at the target

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You can attach the Mod by aiming the throw directly at the vehicle. To throw again, press M1 or the right trigger. The Cow Catcher will automatically attach to the vehicle by launching at it. You should hear the mechanical sound.

Get rid of the Competition

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Attached to a vehicle, the Cow Catcher acts as both a shield and a weapon-like plow. You can deal additional damage to enemies and drive straight through any buildings or other obstacles. It makes enemies less likely to damage the vehicle’s front end and makes it more difficult to shoot at you.

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