How to Use Furnishing Sets In Genshin Impact

How to Use Furnishing Sets In Genshin Impact

Furnishing Sets are a set that has the same look and feel as their name. They can be used to help players avoid having to consider interior and exterior design options. These Sets are not available by default—you need to do a few things to access them.

First, you will need Furnishing Set Blueprints. These can be found at various locations in the game. Even if you don’t have the Serenitea Pot at your disposal, you can still get them. However, they are only available for use within your Realm.

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Open the Precious Items section in your Inventory to access Furnishing Set Blueprints. Once that’s done, the Set will appear in the Furnishing menu in your Realm.

The Indoor Set category contains all Blueprints learned indoors. This option can also be used outdoors to create the Outdoor Set.

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You can view the Furnishings required for each Set by clicking on the information button in the upper right corner of each Set. The entire Set will be complete once you have all the necessary Furnishings. Putable. It’s currently not possible to deploy an incomplete Set. 

Once you have placed a Furnishing Set in your Realm, each Furnishing can be moved around separately. Click the button to move the whole Set. Select Set option on the right of the screen, which will appear when you click on any Furnishing deployed from a Furnishing Set. 

Based on the following factors, the Adeptal Energy bonus as well as the Load Cost of a Furnishing Set were calculated. The combined value of all FurnishingsThese are the components of the Set.

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