How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | All Upgrade NPC Locations

How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | All Upgrade NPC Locations

With this new Season in Fortnite, many players are discovering that the NPCs they went to before have moved to other locations, been removed from the game entirely, or are no longer upgrading weapons. We now have the list of NPCs who will upgrade your weapon.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: How do you upgrade weapons?

Only problem with Season 6’s switch is the reduction in Upgrade locations. They are also pushed closer to the edges of maps. The Storm Circle only covers a limited amount of terrain so upgrading as soon as possible during a match is the best way to obtain higher-tier weapons. This guide will help you get an edge on your competition. You’ll know where all the weapons are!

What you need to know about upgrading

A few key pieces of information are important to know about upgrading. They will be covered in this section. However, you are welcome to skip directly to the NPC locations.

Upgrading Makeshift Arms

Makeshift Weapons can’t be upgraded to the Rare Tier. We don’t know the reason why they aren’t able to be upgraded to Epic Tier. However, we think they don’t exist or we haven’t seen them.

Upgrading Gold Bars Costs

From Season 5 to Season 6, Gold Bars were still available and work in the same manner. You can use them with specific NPCs to do things like hire them, purchase items, and of course, upgrade weapons.

Crafting Upgrades One Tier

A weapon that you create from a Makeshift weapon to Primal or mechanical automatically upgrades by one Tier. If you upgrade your Common Makeshift Rifle with Animal Bones, it will automatically become an Uncommon Primal Rifle.

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NPC Locations

NPCs in Season 6 that will Upgrade Weapons.NPCs in Season 6 that will Upgrade Weapons.

The image shows you NPCs who will upgrade your weaponry. Below is a list of NPC names, along with a brief description of how they can be found.

  • Remedy: Remedy has decided to stay in Craggy Cliffs, which was one of her Season 5 locations. She can be found in the southeast corner.
  • The Reaper: The Reaper is still in his mansion on the far western edge of the map, near the middle.
  • Bandolette: Bandolette is located in Flushed Factory, which is near the southwestern corner of the island.
  • Jules: Jules is on the southeastern corner of the map, likely fixing things at Camp Cod.
  • Dummy: Dummy is putzing about in his Season 5 location West of the northwestern corner of Dirty Docks.
  • Upgrading

    A character upgrading a weapon with Jonesy the First.A character upgrading a weapon with Jonesy the First.

    Once you have chosen one, upgrading is easy:

  • You should ensure that you choose a weapon that can be upgraded.
  • Interact with them to pull up the radial of options.
  • Select the option to upgrade
  • You can make it worth it by eliminating any other players.

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