You’ll find the Luxurious Chest locked by three Seelie Posts in the northeast corner of Enkanomiya’s Evernight Temple. This guide will show you how to locate the three Seelies, unlock the Chest and get there. Make sure you have your daylight settings set before you begin. Nevernight.

Refer to the map below for the location of the Luxurious Chest, and the three Seelies. The yellow circle shows the location of a locked Chest. While the red circles show the location of three Seelies you must guide back to their posts,

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First Seelie

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The map shows the location of the first Seelie. It is marked with a #1. A rock containing three symbols will be found. You can unlock them by interacting with them and giving the Key Sigils. After that, you will see an Exquisite Chest containing the first Seelie. This will take you to the first Seelie Post.

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Second Seelie

You will find the second Seelie’s location marked with a #2 on the map. A locked Exquisite Chest will be found. Upon getting closer, a Pyro, Hydro?, Electro Abyss MageThe spawn will appear. You can defeat them to unlock the Chest that houses the second Seelie. This will lead you to the second Seelie Post.

Third Seelie

The map shows the third Seelie’s location marked with a #3. There is a locked Exquisite Chest that is guarded by a guard. two Hydro SpectersAnd one Anemo Specter. You can defeat them to unlock Exquisite Chest, which houses the third Seelie. It will then guide you to the Third Seelie Post.

The three Seelies can be met in any order. After all three posts have been completed, the Luxurious Chest unlocks, complete the puzzle.

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Our guide is available here All Precious and Luxurious Chest locations in Enkanomiya in Genshin ImpactTo help you with treasure hunting in the ancient region.


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