After completing the final part in the multi-day Tatara Tales questline and unlocking “The Seventh Samurai”, players will be able to unlock the World Quest.Tatara Tales: Last Act. Xavier obtained the higher-ups’ approval to produce a film in Inazuma—as long as it centers around Samurai and the Shogunate. Help him to make the Commissioners look more appealing so he can get his career in swashbuckler moviemaking off to a jumpstart.

Once you have completed the prerequisite, go to the northwest tip of the island east of Inazuma City. Talk to Xavier for more information.

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He will ask for your help in producing “The Seventh Samurai”. Talk to Xavier again to begin the quest’s challenge.

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To produce the movie Stay within the recording frameThis will appear on your screen. This task takes one minute.

  • All three of your enemies should be defeated
  • Three times you can change positions. Run to the Areas marked on the ground Doing a movement, such as the release of a Normal Attack.
  • The challenge will not succeed if you leave the recording area.

You can always try again if you fail the challenge. Talk to Xavier after to complete the World Quest.

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