How to turn on Vanilla Experiments in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to turn on Vanilla Experiments in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Vanilla Experiments can only be turned on if you first load the Beta Bedrock Minecraft version. You will need to create a new world or access the settings menu for an existing one once you are in the game.

Scroll down to locate the Experiments section of your Minecraft world settings. The Vanilla Experiments tab is located under the experiment section in world settings. To turn Vanilla Experiments ON, click the tab. 

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After clicking on Vanilla Experiments to activate it, you’ll be asked to activate experiment mode. After clicking to turn on Vanilla Experiments, you will be asked to activate experiment mode. Wait for it to finish.

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You will be able experience the new content that is coming in future updates once it has completed copying your entire world. The Wild update is the next update. It will include the following features.

  • Goat Horn
  • Sculk
  • Sculk Vein
  • Sculk Catalyst
  • Sculk Shrieker
  • Sculk Sensor

Vanilla Experiments can be turned on to access all the items you need before they are officially released. Keep in mind that these items are still being developed so certain things might not work as planned. 

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