How to Turn on Performance Mode in Fortnite

How to Turn on Performance Mode in Fortnite

In December, Epic Games added a feature to Fortnite that allows players to switch their graphics settings to Performance Mode. This mode reduces visual quality, but allows the game to run more smoothly and increase frame rates. This might be an option for you if your computer has been experiencing freezing or dropping frames.

Fortnite Performance Mode: How to Turn It On

Epic didn’t make any posts about Performance Mode at all when it was launched, but has since let it slide under the carpet. Many players are now wondering how to turn it off. These instructions will help you do this easily.

How to get to the Advanced Graphics options.How to get to the Advanced Graphics options.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Fortnite settings menu. You can access this menu by hitting Esc on the keyboard, or clicking on the icon in the top left of the home menu (the three-line icon). After you have opened this menu, press Settings, which appears right beneath it. An example of this can be seen in the image above.

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The image above shows you what to do next. You will be redirected to the tab for Video Settings after you have clicked on settings. Keep scrolling down on this tab until you find the Advanced Video Settings section, as shown in the image above.

How to change Fortnite to Performance mode.How to change Fortnite to Performance mode.

Last step: Change it to Performance Mode! You can change the rendering mode in Advanced Video Settings. You can switch from DirectX 11 into Performance Mode Alpha by pressing the arrow keys. The game might prompt you to restart it to allow the changes to take place.

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After saving your settings, apply them or save them and exit the game. When the game restarts, you will be in performance mode. There is one problem. The downside?

Why not make sure you also change your account settings while you do so? Enable 2FA in Fortnite?