How to turn on and off Ray Tracing in Fortnite

How to turn on and off Ray Tracing in Fortnite

It is easy. You just need to go into Fortnite’s settings and then to the advanced settings at bottom. Scroll down until you find a switch that will turn Ray Tracing ON/OFF. You can customize your visual experience by using the Ray Tracing section.

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Ray Tracing allows for beautiful lighting and the most realistic lighting possible in the game. Fortnite updated this technology in 2020.

Because of its effect on performance, some might like to play with this setting. Fortnite will run more smoothly if Ray Tracing is turned off, depending on which PC it’s running on.

Minimal Ray Tracing Requirements:

  • CPU: At least 4 cores
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 or Higher
  • Windows 10 OS

To enable Ray Tracing in Fortnite, DirectX 12 must first be installed.

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