Our tips will help you turn off Safe Chat. This article will teach you how to modify your settings.

What is Safe Chat?

Roblox’s safe chat feature allows users to communicate in Roblox game chat while maintaining moderated security. Safe chat filters prevent players from sharing personal information such as names and addresses. Roblox players with safe chat are subject to more censoring that the average Roblox player.

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How to disable safe chat

Safe chat cannot be turned off if you’re under 13. If you are older than 13 years old and wish to turn off chat, go to the My Roblox option. Select Account, then scroll down to Update Parent’s Email Address. Select the email you want it to send by clicking Update Email Address.

Click Update to open your email and locate the link. You’ll be taken directly to Privacy Mode settings after clicking the link. Click Finish Verification to toggle Safe Chat.

If the above options don’t work, please go to Help. You can then select Contact Us, and complete the form explaining what you are experiencing.

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