How to travel while having icy feet in Fortnite

How to travel while having icy feet in Fortnite

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Sgt. Sgt. This quest is simple, but many players aren’t clear on how to get icy foot.

How to get icy feet

To complete this quest, the easiest thing to do is to search for a Chiller. These grenades are similar to normal grenades and can be found in matches quickly because they are Common rarity. They look like little Snowman heads with a coal smile, and a carrot nose.

Simply find one and throw the Chiller bomber at your feet. Two large blocks will form around your feet when the blast freezes them. You can then move on! They will disappear in a matter of seconds and they can be lost if you immerse them in water.

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One Chiller grenade does not travel the required 200 feet in one run. You will usually find three Chiller grenades if you grab one from the ground. This is enough to complete your quest. To propel yourself downhill, it is best to grab the grenade and go to a high spot. This will allow you to accumulate distance faster than if your were running on flat ground.

This is all you need to know about traveling with icy feet.

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