How to travel 100 meters while flying around in a tornado in Fortnite

How to travel 100 meters while flying around in a tornado in Fortnite

Fortnite finally has tornados. This is after weeks of speculation over the feature on Twitter. We can now see the official news story about this feature in Fortnite. Contrary to what we know in real life, in game we’re told that these tornados pose no risk to your character—we’re actually encouraged to use them!

We are being asked to travel 100m in a tornado. Although this is an easy task, finding a tornado can be much more challenging than one might think.

How to fly in a Tornado

You only need one tip to find a tornado. Look out for large, dark clouds. The blue sky or purple storm makes the tornado clouds in the game standout. These clouds do not always have Tornados underneath them. However, when there is one, there is always an overhanging large black cloud.

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These clouds are almost always visible from hundreds of metres away. But, the best way is to locate them by going to high points on the map like a hill or mountain. If you spot a Tornado you should move fast as they will disappear quickly.

You can fly in the tornado by simply walking up to it. If you are close enough to it, the tornado will swallow you up and then you will be able to float around its perimeter until you’re ready for you to fly out. You must complete this quest by not gliding out of the tornado before it informs you that you have reached 100m. Distance traveled by Tornados is not included in this quest. It’s better to let it carry you around the map.

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You’re done!

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