Trading is a great way to get Limited or Limited Unique items in Roblox, and you can also get rid of items you don’t want. Robux can be used to purchase certain items. You must first be able to trade before you can. Facilitate tradingThe Accounts settingsScroll through the Privacy tab. Having a membership is also a requirement, and you won’t be able to trade without it.

How to trade in Roblox

It is simple to trade Roblox, but you should be cautious about who you are trading with.

  • Go to the profile page for the player you wish to trade with.
  • Click on the button that looks three dots and locate the box with the account information and username.
  • Select Trade items Once the menu appears.
  • A new page will open showing you which items you and your fellow player can trade.
  • You can choose the items you wish to trade. Your offer list.
  • You can choose the items you wish the other player will trade you for, and they’ll appear in the marketplace. Your request list.
  • Roblux can be purchased as an add-on to the deal. However, a 30% transaction fee is required.
  • Make sure to review the trade. Trades cannot be reversed.
  • Click the Make an offerTo submit a trade, click the button and confirm on the popup.

Accepting and Declining Trades

  • If someone has initiated a trade, you’ll get a private message as a notification.
  • Scroll down to the trade that you are interested in.
  • Click here AcceptOr Decline.
  • Click here Counter if you don’t like the trade and want to change it.
  • Click on Make Offer to send the new trade when you’re happy with the offer.
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Viewing the Concluding Trades

  • Click the TradeYou can go to the page by selecting the option from the left-hand side menu Trade Page.
  • Then, open the Types of TradePull-down menu to see the complete list Inbound, Outbound, CompletedAnd Inactive trades you’d like to see.

Click on the Robux icon to view transaction history. This will take you to your summary tab. Here you can view all of your transactions. My Transactions.

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