If you have been searching for a way in Pet Simulator X to obtain a legendary pet, but don’t have the time or the patience to do it, trading may be for you. How do you trade? It is very simple. Learn more in our article.

What is trading?

Pet Simulator X allows you to trade for pets. Trade is useful if you are having difficulty accessing a particular pet or need to get rid your pets to make way for diamonds/gold. Trades can be made with any player on the game’s server, provided they agree to your request. Sometimes, the player will reject your offer and counter it with their own.

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How to Trade

Trading is easy in the game, thanks to its simplicity! Once you are in the game, launch it and look for the pet icon at the bottom of your screen. Click the icon to open the trading area. The menu will display the list of other players on the server that you are currently playing. Send your offer to anyone you would like to trade with. Then wait to hear back. Now you have successfully completed a trade!

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