It’s essential to be able to throw a knife if you are playing the role of Murder Mystery 2 Killer. This will allow you to score more kills and help you fight the sheriff, if they want to pursue you. This guide will show you how to throw a knife for Murder Mystery 2 on PC and Mobile.

How to Throw a Knife

Although throwing the knife in Murder Mystery 2 doesn’t seem difficult, it is not easy. It requires knowledge of which keys to use as it isn’t easily explained.


If you’re on a PC you can throw your knife using the E key. To begin, take the knife out and press 1. It can be difficult to aim the knife, so you can press 1. This will lock your camera, and give you a crosshair. The crosshair can be used to target another person and you can press E to toss it for the kill!

Mobile Phone

It’s easy to use the phone as there is a large THROW button at the screen. Just make sure you have your knife and then throw it using the throw button.


Simply hold the knife in your hand and press the left trigger. You will see the knife move towards your crosshairs, so be sure to aim it before you throw it!

Knife Throwing Tips

Because you don’t want any other players to find out the killer, make sure your knife is kept as secret as possible. You will be able to melee most people and keep yourself safe from the sheriff. If the sheriff is not far away, you can hug the walls and then look out briefly to grab the knife. This will give you enough cover to avoid being shot and give you the chance of hitting them with your knife.

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A throwing knife kill is worth less points than getting one with melee. Try to win the melee by throwing the knife.

You now know everything about throwing knives in Murder Mystery 2 You can leave a comment below if you have any tips not covered in this article.


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