How to tame a Rabbit in Minecraft

How to tame a Rabbit in Minecraft

Although there aren’t any tricks to train rabbits as there is no way to control them like with dogs, cats and horses, you can still keep them as pets. To bring your rabbit home, keep plenty of carrots on hand when you explore biomes.

Luring Rabbits

To get players to follow, you can either use carrots or a leader. A lead is preferable as carrots require more attention, and move slower. Rabbits can become disinterested, switching back and forth between carrots to eat or food to eat.

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When players return home, they can either create a hole or a pen for their rabbits, or even keep them inside their house with a door. As long as the perimeter is free of blocks, fences and walls can be used for pens. It is easy to keep them in the pen by closing the door. You can also use holes in the ground to stop them jumping out. They only need to be 2 blocks deep.

Breeding Rabbits

Rabbits can be bred once they have been placed in a home. Rabbits will reproduce just like any other game animal by using carrots or dandelions.

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