How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft

How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft

Minecraft is a dangerous place filled with ghosts and ghouls. It is dangerous to deal early in the game with most mobs, but luckily you can get strong animal protection by taming an polar bear. Polar bears are an unusual mob that can be ridden and attacked by hostile mobs in a similar way to a golem. We will show you how to tame polar bears in Minecraft if you continue reading.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to control a Polar bear in Minecraft

To put it simply, in Minecraft you need to find a polar bear within a snowy biome. You will also need fish to help you tame them. This is the most difficult part, as polar bears rarely spawn and can often spawn in groups of four or more. 

The group will typically contain adult polar Bears but will occasionally have cubs. If you are near the cub, the adults may attack you.

You will need to search for the one that is not alone. Once you have found one, go up to it and give fish to it using the controls below.

  • PS4: You can feed the polar bear fish by using L2.
  • PC: Right-click to give the polar bear fish.
  • Switch to ZL to control the polar bear fish.
  • Xbox: To feed the Polar Bear Fish, press LT.

You will need to feed your polar bear lots of fish. It may take some time for you to get it to stop eating. We recommend that you bring lots of fish. If you aren’t sure where fish can be found, you can cast a fishing rod in a body of water. Once you have caught enough fish to feed the polar bear, it is time to head back.

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