How to Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft

How to Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft are excited to announce a new feature: a tl/dr! A Hoglin is not something you can tame, but Crimson Fungi can be used to distract them so that they don’t attack. You can farm them if you are bored.

We hope you understand — there was a strong urge to write just two words for this article: You can’t. is a thorough company that provides extra content to our readers. We managed to resist the urge to write, but we did. Even though technically those words are correct, we’ll still provide the best.

How to Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft

You can’t train the Hoglin the same way as you can tame horses or donkeys. Hoglins are still a good source of meat chops and leather. Hoglins can be bred to produce offspring and are therefore the most valuable livestock. This may help to remove guilt about killing innocent non-hostile little piggies.

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Crimson Forests is the only biome where Hoglins can be found. It is one of the most rare biomes in The Nether. Crimson Biome is the only place you can find Crimson Fungi. This is where you will be able to breed Hoglins. Let’s take a look at how to start this farm.

  • Step 1: Locate a Crimson Forest. You will need one to locate them as they are only found in the Crimson Forest. We recommend that you build whatever farm you wish to construct in the Crimson Forest once you’ve found it. It is illegal to bring the Hoglins up into the Overworld.
  • Step Two: Harvest Crimson Fungi. Hoglins only breed when they are fed. Crimson Fungi are a distraction to their natural hostile nature. If you have one, they won’t attack you. You’ll need one if you go into a Crimson Forest.
  • Step Three: Get the hoggies! This is what we call baby Hoglins. We are determined to make this name stick. Please spread the word. You will need at least two Hoglins to get them. Distract them with the Crimson Fungi, then pull them into your farm. Lock the gate and feed them. Within 20 minutes, a hostile will appear and be ready to breed or harvest…
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You have it. A farm full of tamed (aka trapped) Hoglins that can’t attack you. You might feel the guilt that you have lost when you hear the constant hog squeals.

While you may not be able tame Hoglins, you can still tame other animals. You might be better off taming an animal. CatYou can even make a pet of your pet. Llama?