How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft (2021)

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft (2021)

You might consider getting a feline companion if you feel lonely in Minecraft. It can be hard to get a feline companion, as they can be quite elusive. This guide will walk you through how to get a Minecraft cat pet.

How to Tame Your Cat

You will need to locate a Minecraft village or Witch Hut within a swamp biome in order to tame a cat. After you find an untame cat, you can feed it raw cod or raw fish, which you can get from fishing. A collar around the neck will signal that your cat has been trained to be tame.

Three tamed cats sitting with collars on in MinecraftThree tamed cats sitting with collars on in Minecraft

Raw Cod and Salmon

For cats to be tamed you need either salmon or cod. To get them, you’ll need to fish or gather. Both fish can be found in the ocean’s normal, cold and lukewarm biomes. They can be seen swimming in the ocean and you can attack them with your sword. Or, you can fish the waters using your fishing rod and get them that way.

Cod and Salmon swimming in the water in MinecraftCod and Salmon swimming in the water in Minecraft

Find a Cat In a Village

Two areas can be found with cats: one is in a village. These can be found all over your Minecraft world. They contain villagers with whom you can trade. A cat spawn can occur as long as there are at least four beds and one villager. For a maximum of 10, one cat can spawn per four beds. You need 40 beds if you want 10 cats spawning in your village.

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Cat standing in a desert village in MinecraftCat standing in a desert village in Minecraft

If you don’t mind using it, commandsTo locate the nearest village, you can use “/locate” in the console.

Alternativ: You can also find a cat in a witch hut

You will need to locate a Witch’s Hut if you want to find a specific black cat. Sometimes they can be found in swamp biomes, which can make it difficult to find. You can find one if you find it, but if not, look for the hut to see a black cat or a witch. The witch isn’t friendly and can attack you if they get too close.

Black cat under a witch hut in MinecraftBlack cat under a witch hut in Minecraft

You can also use command to locate a swamp by entering “/locatebiomeminecraft:swamp”, or “/locate_swamp_hut” to search for a Witch Hut.

Give the Cat fish to tame

Once you’ve found your cat and got your fish, you can just feed it and it will be tamed. When the collar is attached, you will know that your cat has been successfully tamed. The cat can now be walked around, and it will follow you wherever you go. lead.

Cat on leash tied to a fence in MinecraftCat on leash tied to a fence in Minecraft

FAQ for Cats

Here are some common questions we have about Minecraft cats!

What are the different cat breeds?

Minecraft offers 11 different skins and cat breeds. They will vary depending on whether your cat is a kitten or full-grown. Here is a list of possible skin colors for your cat.

  • Black
  • British Shorthair (Silver).
  • Calico (Orange White and Dark Brown)
  • Jellie (Gray and White).
  • Persian (Tan).
  • Ragdoll, White and Soft Amber
  • Red (Orange and white)
  • Siamese (White, Pale Brown).
  • Tabby (Brown and White Tabby).
  • Tuxedo (Black or White)
  • White
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How to get the cat following you

As long as your cat is well-tamed, it will follow you. Although it may be difficult for you to reach at times, your cat should eventually be able find you once you have crossed the border. Also, make sure your cat isn’t tethered or sitting on a fence.

How do you name a cat?

A name tag is required if you plan to name your cat. They are not easy to find, as you cannot make them yourself. These can be found in chest loot, which is sometimes found in Dungeons or Mineshafts, Buried treasure, Woodland Mansions, and Dungeons. It will be necessary to take the item to an Anvil in order to give it a name. After it is labeled, you will be able to attach it to your cat’s collar to give it a name.