Stands are a large part of what makes JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired Roblox experience Project Star the in-depth RPG that it is, so it’s important to know how to reset, interchange, and store them. Continue reading for a quick overview of how to accomplish each task.

What is a stand?

The following is an extract from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Wiki, Stands are essentially super-powered entities created by their user from the user’s unique personal experiences—whatever life you’ve lived and the content of your character will help determine aspects of your Stand. These Stands are often used in battle and have varying levels of power. Some can be exceptionally strong, while others can lack in strength but excel in other forms of defense—it’s all unique to the user.

How can I store a stand?

While you may have multiple Stands, only one Stand can be physically equipped to your character at a given time. To store any Stand that you’ve earned and want to save for later, head towards the Stand Storage Room located near the center of the Cairo map—keep an eye out for a building with a large Stand arrow on top.

Once inside, talk to the NPC Robert Speedwagon; he will assist you with storing up to three Stands at a time. Robux can be used to increase the storage space for those who need more Stand storage. The storage room can accommodate up to five stands after you pay 300 Robux for your first slot and 750 for your second.

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How can I obtain stands?

Project Star allows you to summon Stands by using Stand arrows. There are four types of arrows in this experience, three of which can be discovered by exploring, and one that can only be obtained by playing the D’arby Item Roll in Dio’s Mansion. The arrows have a unique rarity multiplier which increases the chances of unlocking rarer Stands when they are used.

  • Stand Arrow – 1x rarity multiplier
  • Unusual Stand Arrow – 1.5 rarity multiplier
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow – 2x rarity multiplier
  • Cursed Stand Arrow – 100x rarity multiplier (Only obtained in Dio’s Mansion)

Players can choose which arrow to use to try their luck at summoning rare stands once they have collected Stand arrows. It is rare if the arrow glows before the player goes for the stab. The player will see the Stand they have earned after the stabbing animation ends.

How can I reset my stand?

You will need a Rokakaka to reset your Stand. Once you find a Rokakakafruit on the map, all that is required to reset your Stand is to eat it. You can’t undo this action, but it is possible to make sure you delete it. Once you have deleted your current Stand, it’s time to start trying your luck with finding another one.

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