How to stop a Pillager Raid in Minecraft?

How to stop a Pillager Raid in Minecraft?

You will need to kill all Illagers spawning to attack your village to stop a Pillager Raid in Minecraft. The Pillager Raid in Minecraft will stop once you do this. 

You can also stop Pillager raids by allowing the Illagers to destroy your village and kill all the villagers. This is only recommended if there is another village that you trade with. Otherwise, you could lose some progress. 

You will also lose the chance to trade items with the villagers. It is highly recommended that you stand up and fight against Pillager raids. 

How to defend your village against a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

You can defend your village by first finding a bell in the village. Ring it to get your villagers to go inside their homes. If they don’t head inside, try changing the time in Minecraft to night time with /time set night. 

This is a dangerous move as monsters are likely to spawn. You will need protection for your village while they go inside. If you ring the bell, the village will likely send your villages inside.

Once the bell rings and the village is inside, you can block any doors or windows with blocks. Then, prepare for the raid by equipping yourself with the best armor and weapons.

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A bow with powerful enchantments is a good idea to use against the mobs who will be spawning from close range. You can also build towers high enough to see the entire village from above and shoot any mobs that may spawn. 

A few golems may be useful in defense of your village. For making golems you’ll need four iron blocks, one Jack-O-Lantern and four other pieces of iron. If you do the right preparations, you can defend your village from a Pillager Raid in Minecraft.

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How do you disable raids in Minecraft

Another method to stop Pillager raids is to simply disable them. This can be done by using a simple gamerule command. 

To disable raids in Minecraft type /gamerule disableRaids true, and hit enter in chat. This will disable all raids in Minecraft, even if you have the evil omen curse. 

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