How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

There are many things to do in Minecraft. With each update, there is more. Minecraft is constantly updated with new mobs, blocks and other content that expands on the existing content. One of these mobs was the Pillager. It is a hostile version to the Villager.

To find Pillagers, one of the main reasons is to launch a Pillager Raid. The player has a number of options to make this process fun. First, they must find a Pillager Outpost. These towers spawn naturally and are often located near villages.

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The player must ensure that they have all the necessary equipment before they attempt to track one down. Once the player has found a Pillager Outpost, they will need to kill the Pillagers within and the Pillager Leader. This mob can be recognized by the Villager banner. After the leader is killed, the player will receive the Bad Omen status effect.

Once you have achieved this status, head to your village. Once inside, a Raid will launch. Now it is up to the player defend the village against the attacks of Pillagers. It will be more difficult than attacking an outpost, so players need to be prepared.

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