How to Speed Bridge in Minecraft

How to Speed Bridge in Minecraft

In Minecraft, some of the most popular mini-games on servers require you to build across vast areas to reach other islands or players. Sky Wars and Bed Wars, are just two examples. Sometimes in these games, you see other players building bridges much faster than you even though possible. This guide will show you how to build bridges faster than they do.

How to Speed Bridge in Minecraft

You should be aware that speed-bridging can take many forms. Some are faster than others but they all depend upon a number of factors. Consider the following factors when choosing which one of these methods to use.

  • You can place blocks quickly in Java Minecraft by simply holding the alt-click key. To quickly place blocks in Bedrock, however, you must press the placement button repeatedly.
  • How good your timing is: Some people just struggle to time things right. It doesn’t mean your game is bad; it simply means your brain and body aren’t working in the same way when you have to do something fast.
  • How fast you want to go and how difficult you want to be: As we said, some of these are more difficult than others and require more acute timing. Some game situations don’t require you to be able to build very fast.

Once we have taken all this into consideration, we can now list the different speed bridging options, from the slowest and most straightforward to fastest.

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Simple: The Angle

How to angle while speed bridging in Minecraft.How to angle while speed bridging in Minecraft.

In the image above, we have shown you how to build this bridge. Normal speed means that you must angle your view slightly higher to place your block on the bridge. You can angle your view almost 45 degrees away from the corner of the block. This can almost double the speed of your placement. It is important to be perfectly angled both horizontally as well vertically. If you don’t, your blocks will be distorted and you won’t be able to place them correctly.

The Strafe: Normal

How to strafe while speed bridging in MinecraftHow to strafe while speed bridging in Minecraft

This one requires your trigger finger to be fast and for you to have good timing. This is an extremely fast method to place blocks. This image shows the movements that you will use to place your blocks. Instead of crouching you will move forward and backwards and push the button as fast and as efficiently as you can. Although your vertical alignment does not need to be perfect it can increase the likelihood of you misplacing the block. You must strafe left and right from the middle of each block. It is easy to fall by strafing around the block’s edges.

The Stand and Crouch – Hard

This is the most difficult one to use but the fastest to speed bridge. This requires you to manage multiple factors. First, align your horizontal and vertical alignments as in The Classic Angle. This angle must be maintained while placing blocks quickly and alternately standing and crouching. 

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This requires a perfect timing and rhythm. Just before placing the block, release the key or button for crouching. Then, press the button again as you approach to the edge. This motion should be repeated. While it is difficult to master, it will be easy to get across large gaps quickly! We have found that focusing on the sounds works best for us.

  • Place block sound – release crouch.
  • Press crouch – place block.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc.
  • Although it’s easy to grasp, it can be difficult to remember. Drop us a line if you have any other suggestions or a better way to do it.

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