Methods to Resolve the 9 Pillars of Peace Quest in Genshin Influence

Methods to Resolve the 9 Pillars of Peace Quest in Genshin Influence

The 9 Pillars of Peace is a Genshin Influence world quest that, as soon as activated, gives no additional instructions or given areas. That is why we have compiled all the mandatory info for gamers to finish this quest and procure loads of loot, together with a 5-star artifact and an opportunity to make a complete lot of Mora.

Methods to Resolve the 9 Pillars of Peace Quest in Genshin Influence

To begin the hunt, go to Cuijue Slope. From the Teleport Waypoint close to Luhua Pool, you can see a number of tall, slanted pillars forming a large ring round a locked destroy. Interacting with the tombstone within the heart of this ring will activate the questline.

9 stone pillars tower over the barren plains, and so they seem to disguise some thriller…

9 Pillars of Peace9 Pillars of Peace
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Accumulating Stones of Remembrance

There is a catch to finishing this quest that the sport will not make apparent: you may want 9 Stones of Remembrance (one stone for every pillar), which you’ll solely receive by maxing out the extent of the Liyue Statues of the Seven. With a view to increase the Statue’s stage to 10, it’s essential to gather 130 out of the out there 131 Geoculi in Liyue, so you’ll want to try our information on All Geoculus Locations if you have not amassed all of the orbs.

As soon as you’ve got efficiently gathered the entire Geoculi and have raised the Liyue Statue of the Seven’s stage to 10, return to Cuijue Slope. Climb every of the 9 pillars one after the other to search out the glowing panels. Insert your Stones of Remembrance into every of those panels (they appear to be golden faces) and retrieve the treasure bins that seem beneath the pillars afterwards. Simply be careful—enemies are fast to spawn round these pillars, so be able to both battle or run just like the wind.

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Pillar of Peace glowing panelPillar of Peace glowing panel
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Enter the Ruins

As soon as all 9 pillars have obtained a Stone of Remembrance, the ruined doorway will open. Inside, you may be greeted by three rounds of enemies: a Break Guard, two Geovishap Hatchlings, and a Break Hunter.

It is a robust three-round battle, so come ready with loads of meals dishes, strengthened weapons, and even a friend or two that will help you take these foes down.

ruin doorway entry to pillars of peace questruin doorway entry to pillars of peace quest
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When all enemies are lastly defeated, you may be free to maneuver on right into a room the place you possibly can gather a Treasured Chest, a Luxurious Chest, and a Royal Flora (a 5-star artifact).

Full the Quest (For Good)

To meet all the necessities for the 9 Pillars of Peace, you may must dump an merchandise you’ve got gotten from one of many chests: a Uninteresting Ring. This ring sells for a terrific sum of cash in Liyue Harbor, and also you even get your selection of retailers to commerce with: you possibly can both go to the Vintage Retailer at evening and get 200,000 Mora from Lilang, or you possibly can take the Uninteresting Ring to Bolai at Wanyou Boutique and obtain 180,000 Mora together with 5 Adeptus’ Temptation meals (a five-star dish that grants an enormous momentary enhance to your assaults).

A 3rd, much less standard choice is to maintain the ring for your self, however why would you refuse all that Mora?

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