Seirai Island has a lot of Light-Up Tile Puzzles. Stone Tablets are used to mark some of these puzzles. These tablets contain an important clue. Same form, same light. These puzzles require you locate a set already lit up of tiles and to mirror their lighting configuration.

One is north of “Seiraimaru”, west of Koseki Village. It’s a puzzle you won’t want to miss. This is a short puzzle you can solve in under a minute. It will also grant you a Common Chest. Begin by going to the marked area on the map.

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There you will find a Stone Tablet as well as an unlit Light Up Tile Puzzle. Look behind the Tablet to find a Light-Up Tile puzzle that has two Tiles already lit. The goal is to light the puzzle unlit in the same manner as the former.

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Alternativly, you can refer to the above image to find the Tiles that light up. You can do this by stepping onto them. You should also be aware that other Tiles can light up, and your attempt will fail if they are accidentally stepped on. You can jump between the first and second Tiles to quickly finish the puzzle.

You will need to solve Light-Up Tile puzzles in order to complete a ton of Seirai Island World Quests. Take a look at our guide How to complete the Relics of Seirai World Quest in Genshin ImpactIf you have difficulty finishing the task.

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