How to solve Koseki Village Genshin’s Light-Up Tile Puzzle

How to solve Koseki Village Genshin’s Light-Up Tile Puzzle

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You’ll find a Light Up Tile puzzle and a Stone Tablet in Koseki Village. It is located under the Statue of The Seven. You will find the clue by interacting with this Tablet. The difference will be revealed to all.. This is the clue to solving this double-sided puzzle.

Begin by going to the exact location marked on the map.

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You’ll also find a Light-Up Tile puzzle, a Stone Tablet and other goodies. Phase GateStanding on a nearby rock. Go to the Phase Gate. It will take you to another set of Light Up Tiles. However, this time, it has three Tiles already lit.

Keep track of which Tiles have been illuminated. Then, use the Phase Gate in order to return to the first puzzle’s location. Now activate the Tiles you found. The second set was not lit..

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Refer to the image above for all the tiles you will needIn any order. You can deactivate lights by stepping on the wrong tiles again.

The puzzle will not work if any other Tiles are lit apart from the six mentioned above. However, if you can only light the six above, you will be able to complete the puzzle. Exquisite ChestThey will appear.

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