The Three Realms Gateway Offering, a 40-day event, runs from From Feb. 17, 2022, through Mar. 30, 2022. This limited-time Enkanomiya version allows you to play through a variety of puzzles that are exclusive to the Three Realms Gateway Offer.

A Guiding Light Mirror puzzle can be found in the south, near where The Serpent’s Heart would normally be. It is your task to direct the light from a glowing mechanism to the floating rock. Begin by moving towards the area in the image.

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There are five Mirrors total—one Hydro and four Cryo. The image below illustrates what the The final puzzleWhat it should look like after successful completion. Refer to the image below if you have already begun to tinker with the rotations.

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You don’t need to touch the puzzle. These are the steps you should follow in order to solve it. These steps can be completed in Any order:

  • Step 1.Rotate mirror #2 three times
  • Step 2Rotate Mirror #3 Once
  • Step threeRotate Mirror #4 only once
  • Fourth stepRotate mirror #5 once.

Once all Mirrors have been rearranged as described above,Use the Bokuso BoxThe glowing mechanism will release a beam light from its side. It will be guided by the Mirrors to the floating stone and complete the puzzle. For your efforts, you’ll receive an Exquisite chest.

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