How to solve the Guiding Light Mirror Puzzle in the ruin south of The Narrows — Three Realms Gateway Offering in Genshin Im …

How to solve the Guiding Light Mirror Puzzle in the ruin south of The Narrows — Three Realms Gateway Offering in Genshin Im …

The Three Realms Gateway Offering, a 40-day event, runs from From Feb. 17, 2022, through Mar. 30, 2022. This limited-time Enkanomiya version, which is cloaked in darkness for a limited time, offers a variety of puzzles that are unique to the Three Realms Gateway Offer.

The entrance to the ruin, which houses a Guiding Light Mirror Puzzle, is located south of The Narrows (west side of Dainichi Mikoshi). You can start by heading towards the area in the picture below. The location is quite obscure—once you reach the edge of the cliff, jump downTo find the ruin’s entrance.

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A Seelie will greet you as soon as you enter the narrow entrance. It will guide you deeper into ruin. When it stops at an end, you can use an archer. Shoot at the Exploding BarrelsTo create a hole in your wall. You will be guided by the Seelie to a Torch which you can light with Pyro.

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The Guiding Light Mirror puzzle is also on the same platform where the other Torches are. You can light them to get a Common Chest.

Refer to the image above to get a visual guideline on what you should be doing. FinalThis is how the Guiding Light Mirror puzzle should be arranged. You can skip the next step if you don’t want to mess around with the puzzle. Any orderTo solve it:

  • Step 1:Hydro to Mirror #1
  • Step two: Rotate Mirror #1 twice.
  • Step threeUse Cryo Mirror #2.
  • Step fourRotate #3 mirror once.
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Once that’s done. Use the Bokuso BoxThe glowing mechanism will propel a beam forward of light, which the Mirrors will direct to the floating stone. A Precious Chest will be your reward for all your hard work.

Also, this puzzle will unlock the code. Cryo MonumentThe locked gate is to the left. The Seelie will direct you to the next room. You can then apply Cryo on the second Monument to locate the Common Chest, which is now covered in darkness.

This will allow you to leave the ruin. You’ll also find an outside entrance. Enkanomiya Phase GateThis will take you up to the Seelie Post. You’ll receive another Common Chest once the Seelie lands on it.

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