The Domain of Wayward Path is found Between Mt. Between Tianheng Pass and Lingju PassIn Liyue. There are two Geo Lamps located in front of the Geo Lamps. You can activate them by placing Geograna within them. Continue reading to learn where you can find Geograna and how to activate them to solve the puzzle.

To find the puzzle, simply head to the Domain of Wayward Path—but don’t go inside. You will find the Geo Lamps right in front. You should bring a character capable of dealing Geo Damage and wielding a claymore such as Noelle, Zhongli.

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Geograna where to be found near the Domain of the Wayward Path, Genshin Impact

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You will need to light two Geo Lamps with Geograna in order to solve the puzzle. They’re located near each Lamp in broken boulders. Use Elemental Sight It makes it easier for boulders to be found. The boulder can be easily identified by the Geo Lamp to the left. The boulder to the right of the Geo Lamp is hidden behind rocks.

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Be aggressive with the bouldersUse a Geo Damage or claymore to expose one Geogranum within each. The Geogranum is your best friendTo make it float about, After, Approach the Geo LampTo transfer the Geogranum. When both Geo Lamps are full of Geograna, the puzzle is solved. An Exquisite Chest will be spawned as a reward.

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