How to Sign Up for Genshin Impact’s 1.5 Beta Test Server

How to Sign Up for Genshin Impact’s 1.5 Beta Test Server

Genshin Impact players are eagerly awaiting the new 1.4 update on March 17, which features characters like Venti and new addition Rosaria, as well as a new Dating Sim quest called Hangout Events. To make things even more exciting, miHoYo has just opened up a closed beta testing server for the upcoming 1.5 update. While the chances of being selected as a beta tester are slim, you still have a shot at getting an exclusive sneak-peek of what’s to come, so why not sign up?

Note: In order to register as a beta tester, you’ll need to 1) be over the age of 18, and 2) sign an NDA. Basically, an NDA restricts you from streaming or sharing the 1.5 Genshin Impact content in order to decrease the chances of leaks. This is a legally binding contract, so don’t try to work around it, or you’ll find yourself in trouble!

How to Register for Genshin Impact’s 1.5 Beta Testing Server

The following are required for you to apply for the 1.5 Beta Testing Application.

  • Genshin Impact UID
  • miHoYo forum account
  • Discord tag
  • Genshin ImpactMobile or PC

Once you’ve met these requirements, head over to the Google Docs formMiHoYo. You will need to fill out the form with various information such as your age, server and platform (Playstation is not an option), Adventure rank, and how many hours per day you plan on playing. Be honest with all questions.

You can also join our official Genshin Impact discord serverRegister for beta testing by clicking “announcements”

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What can you expect from Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update?

Fans believe that Inazuma won’t be available until the 1.6 update in July, despite growing evidence. There are rumors that the Chasm, a smaller region of Liyue currently marked as inaccessible by the game map, will be made available in the 1.6 update. Genshin Impact 1.5.

Two characters are expected to be added to the cast: Baizhu (the caretaker for Qiqi) and Yaoyao (a young girl who works at Ganyu). While it’s more probable that Baizhu will be an included character—Qiqi, after all, is rumored to have her own storyline quest in the 1.5 update—Yaoyao’s arrival is harder to predict. Both characters appear to bring with them an elemental power unlike any other. Genshin ImpactCurrent characters possess: Dendro.


More information will be made available about the upcoming. Genshin Impact1.5 Update: We’ll keep you updated with all the latest information. You can send your beta testing application now and keep your fingers crossed that you are selected!

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