How to Show Hitboxes in Minecraft

How to Show Hitboxes in Minecraft

Hitboxes can be used for many reasons. They are most commonly used to locate entities before they strike. You may need them to locate a hidden zombie in your Minecraft home. It’s easy to enable them, and it only takes two key presses on the keyboard.

How to show hitboxes in Minecraft

Technically, the hitboxes can be used to debug Mojang’s code. The computer user must enable them. It is not intended to assist you in Survival. It’s meant to help you determine what could be causing the effect and modify the game accordingly. It can be used to make farms that only attack certain mobs. Have a look at this image.

An image of the buttons to press to shot hitboxes in Minecraft.An image of the buttons to press to shot hitboxes in Minecraft.

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F3, B, and then F3 are the keys to use. Most people know the location of these buttons, but we’ve highlighted them here for anyone who is having difficulty finding them. Both buttons must be pressed sequentially. After you release them, you will see a message on your command console that informs you whether they are enabled/disabled.

It’s easy! Although the keys can be a little difficult to find, they are there. Are you sure Mojang did this intentionally?

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