Titan shifting allows players to transform into titans, the deadly creatures. Roblox Titanage allows players to titan shift and fight against monsters by clicking a button. Only two methods can activate this ability: during specific missions and the Titan Shifter mod.

The best way to get titan shift right now is to add the Titan Shifter to your character. The mod is rare and Godly, and only.0002% of it will ever drop. The Titan Shifter mod is extremely rare. If you do happen to be able to obtain the Titan Shifter Mod, all you need to do is to press K to shift to titan.

The developer is still testing the titan shifting ability. We haven’t acquired the Titan Shifter mode ourselves and we haven’t been able to find alternative methods or solutions to how to titan shift other than the Godly mods.

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Roblox Titanage also allows players to titan shift by completing missions. The Titan Shifter mod is not required for missions. Instead, the game will allow players to shift automatically by pressing K on their keyboard.

Roblox content creator GhostInTheCosmosThe titan showed two unique abilities: Shoulder Throwing, and Hardening. The player throws the titan from their shoulder and hits the ground with the shoulder throw. Hardening seems to be passive defense while in this gigantic form.

Players have claimed that Eren is also there, located on the narrow metal platforms above the hub area ceiling. Parkouring up to the platforms is a way for players to speak with Eren. After climbing up, Eren told us that he would allow players to titanshift for Robux. Unfortunately, this purchase option is not yet available in game.

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