How to Set the World Spawn in Minecraft

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Minecraft’s /setworldspawn command allows users to modify the location of their world spawn. This allows new players to start in the desired position and not at the default spawn. Below is a detailed explanation of how to use this command.


There are two possible syntax options depending on the version of Minecraft that you’re using. These are listed below.

  • Java
    • Syntax: /setworldspawn <pos> <angle>
    • Example: /setworldspawn 100 70 100 -180
    • Result: Blocks position 100 70 100 in the world spawn and forces the user to face the north.
  • Bedrock
    • Syntax: /setworldspawn [spawnPoint: x y z]
    • Example: /setworldspawn 100 70 100
    • Result: Blocks position 100 70 100 in the world spawn.

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  • <pos>, [spawnPoint]: The argument required to specify the block that will allow the world to spawn. You must include the x y Z coordinates that contain floating-point numbers or tildes.
  • <angle>Exclusive to Java The angle that new players will be facing in the world spawn. It can range from -180 to 179.9. Examples:
    • -180: Due North.
    • -90 : Due East.
    • 0: Due South.
    • 90: Due West.
    • 179.9

These are the basics of using the /setworldspawn command. You can find additional Minecraft content and guides at our Minecraft homepage!

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