How to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite

How to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite

The Command Symbol is the fourth quest that we need to complete in order to obtain the Ariana Grande Monster Hunter questline. The Command Symbol quest is listed on our challenge list. It can be hard to locate the markers and know what to do if you are unable to find them. This guide gives more details on where and how to find the Command Symbol.

Below is a map that shows all Command Symbol locations. The yellow markers can be used to locate the area you need to go. You can also use the directions below to pinpoint the Command Symbol location in that area.

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  • Misty Meadows can be found in the eastern portion of the city, behind the shops near the river.
  • Retail Row: In the north end of the Bus Stop, in the northeastern area of town.
  • Corny Complex: To the west of the large, blue house is the white barn.
  • Weeping Woods: In front of the southern entrance of the large cabin on the area’s northern edge.
  • Believer Beach: Located next to a palm on the southwest corner of the boardwalk.

Once you’ve found the Command Symbols, you can then show it off by mimicking the holograms surrounding it. Based on what you see in each hologram, perform the following actions:

  • Crouch
  • Jump
  • Emote (any type of emote will work, it doesn’t need to be the one in your hologram)
  • Swing your pickaxe, but make sure it is pointed at the hologram
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Once you’ve completed the quest, each hologram will be marked complete. Now you can move on to the final quest.

You’d like to see all the quests in this questline or get some guides. Take a look at our list of All Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Punchcard Quests.

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