Roblox Demonfall is an online role-playing game, similar in style to the Demon Slayer manga. Players will embark on a journey that will rid the world from evil. The demon form of the player will be used to combat the threats to the region’s balance and cloak it. A player must first give up their humanity before they can transform into an all-powerful hunter. However, it is difficult to get your humanity back.

You will need a Wipe Potion to reset your character, and to return to your human form. You will need to talk with the Black Merchant in Okuyia Village to obtain this. Unknown Items can be found in the catalog. They are available for purchase at 3,000 Yen. If you are lucky, the Wipe Pen will drop. If it doesn’t, you can purchase additional Unknown Items to unlock it.

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After you find the Wipe Potion you can consume it to return to your normal human form. The Wipe Potion will remove all items you have, so it should only be used as a last resort.

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