How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft

The trident, a powerful weapon in Minecraft, is very difficult to obtain. You can only get them by killing Drowned. There is a 15% chance that a Drowned will spawn with a trident in the Bedrock Edition. The chance of one dropping off is also 8.5 percent. Only 6.25 percent of Drowned spawn with the trident in the Java Edition.

Drowned tridents are more likely to have already been damaged and won’t last as long. It is important to repair your trident. You have a few options.

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Two damaged tridents can be combined on a crafting board to create an undamaged triden. However, it will not destroy any enchantments. You can combine two tridents that are damaged on a grinding stone. This will remove any enchantments, except the Curse of Vanishing/Curse of Binding. Anvils can also be used to combine two tridents that are damaged. This will preserve any enchantments. You can also apply the Mending Enchantment to a trowel.

A tridents are as durable as an iron blade. When used as a melee weapon, it deals nine damage and when fully charged, eight damage. A trident, an iron sword that deals six damage, is much more effective and versatile than one might expect.

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