How to Remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

How to Remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Curse of Binding, an enchantment for Minecraft, can be applied to items like Armor, Elytra and Mob Heads. The enchantment can only be applied to worn objects and cannot be removed by death, cheats, breakage, or other means. Many players are interested in learning how to remove Curse of Binding, as it is permanent.

If you’re playing Survival, and the curse is applied on a piece worn Armor piece, you can’t remove it. Curse of Binding cannot be removed from Armor. A Grindstone can remove all enchantments, except curses. There is therefore no legal way to remove Curse of Binding and Armor enchanted in Survival.

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Hardcore Survival means that you will have to wear the item until it is broken. Your character will remain with the item until death if it doesn’t have durability features (such as Carved Pumpkins or mob heads).

Curse of Binding can be removed from certain objects by using the enchantment. You can remove the Curse of Binding from a Mob Head, Carved Pumpkin or other items by placing it as a block and then breaking it. This will make the item drop without the Curse of Binding. This doesn’t work with Armor or Elytra. These items can be placed or dropped to remove the enchantment.

All of this being said, Curse of Binding appears to be true to its title and is actually tied to the object to whom it applies as well as to the person who is wearing it!

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