How to Reboot a Friend in Fortnite

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In Chapter 2 Season 6, Epic Games brought back the Reboot-a-Friend event to encourage the Fortnite player base to bring back older players. This event offers some amazing rewards such as a wrap, pickaxe, glider, and spray. This event only lasts until April 26, 2021, so be sure to take advantage as soon as you can!

Fortnite: How to Reboot a Friend

Before we start, we want to point out that this is not an in-game guide for how to Reboot teammates. We’ll be explaining how to bring players back to your game who have not played for more than 30 days. This task is only possible with the Reboot-a-Friend program.

There is currently only one way to bring back your friends and make it count towards the event. Go to the Reboot a Friend website and log in to your account using the login button on the top right of the page. You will see the following image after you log in.

Reboot a friend main selection.Reboot a friend main selection.

Here you can select the friends you wish to bring back into the game. Click on one of the Reboot buttons on the page to make a new window pop up. This window will allow you to see all of your friends who are eligible. To be eligible for Reboot a Friend, your friends must not have used Fortnite for more than 30 days. This page will not display any players who have logged into Fortnite in the last 30 days.

Select a friend window in REboot a Friend event.Select a friend window in REboot a Friend event.

Click on the Reboot button next to the name of the friend you wish to Reboot. If everything went well, your friend’s name will be listed in your selection. It will then prompt you to play a match to confirm that they have been rebooted.

Confirmation of a friend selected to reboot.Confirmation of a friend selected to reboot.

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We mentioned that there are rewards for friends who bring their friends back to the game. 100 points will be awarded for each player who Reboots and plays a match with you. Continue reading to find out how many points are required for each cosmetic, and the other ways you can get them.

When you play your first match with a friend you rebooted, you’ll receive 100 points, which automatically unlocks the Reboot a Friend Spray. Below are the rewards you can expect for each tier.

  • Reboot a Friend Spray: 100 Points
  • Heartbeat Wrap: 200 Points
  • Toxic Flash Glider: 300 Points
  • Plasma Carrot Pickaxe: 400 points

Rebooting three friends can give you 100 points. This is the fastest way you can get them. However, Fortnite thankfully has options for people who don’t have friends that haven’t played in 30 days. An alternative method to earn points is to play matches with people on your friends list!

Each match you play with a friend on your friends’ list earns you 10 points towards your total. You will be able to collect all the rewards if you play 40 matches by April 26.

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