You will need to be the strongest fighter during the Roblox One Punch Man experience A Hero’s DestinyPlayers will have to train alone or with friends and defeat enemies. They also need to take down bosses. Along the way, players will level up and gain XP that can eventually be used to Rebirth—a feature that completely resets the user’s game progress, but adds a 2x multiplier to any pre-existing stats. This guide will show you how to quickly increase your level and get closer to those long-awaited Rebirths.

Leveling up quickly

Strengthen your training

Your character’s strength is directly correlated to the rate at which you level up in A Hero’s Destiny—meaning that training your strength, or increasing it through punching, is crucial. You can train your strength by fighting all enemies and players around you, but at the beginning of your adventure, it will be easier to find lower-level enemies.

To do this, look for NPCs with a green health bar above their head—these are fightable enemies. You will increase the strength of your character each time you attack these NPCs. This will eventually lead to a higher level. discourage exploits, but it is not uncommon to use one. auto clickerThis experience will help AFK quickly farm your strength stats.

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Complete quests

As with many anime RPGs, A Hero’s Destiny has quests that are important to your character’s leveling. Every time you complete a quest, you’ll be awarded a small amount of currency and XP. This includes any XP that you earn while you were completing it. You can find the order in which you should complete the first few quests to maximize your XP in the following list.

  • Three criminals can be defeated for 250 Yen or 1,500 experience
  • Three Paradisers can be defeated for 500 Yen or 5,000 experience
  • For 750 Yen, and 8,500 experience, defeat Hammerhead
  • For 1,250 Yen, you can defeat five abnormals and get 20,000 experience
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You can then focus on the quests that interest you once you’ve completed these quests. You should remember that certain quests are only possible if you have certain levels.

Bosses to the curb

After you have increased your strength, agility and rank to a decently high level, it is a good idea to challenge bosses regularly to earn XP. You will lose experience as you level up, so focus your efforts on easy-to-defeat bosses like Sonic or Crablante, or Sea King, if you are higher level. These bosses can also be defeated to earn you rare experience. Relic and special abilities—another reason to try out farming them!

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