Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure gives players the opportunity to unlock secret game codes and gain stronger abilities by gaining a new prestige rank. Prestiging allows players to reset all quest progress. This allows them to replay content or complete story missions. Players must speak to Master Will, an NPC found outside the Steel Ball Run Lobby, to gain prestige.

How to be a celebrity in your bizarre adventure

For prestige in Your Bizarre Adventure, the player must attain level 35. This is the highest level of Prestige 0. Master Will will speak to the player once they have reached this level cap. Each prestige is charged at $5,000 by Master Will.

This is the level cap for each prestige:

  • Prestige 0: 35
  • Prestige 1: 40
  • Prestige 2: 45
  • Prestige 3: 50

Prestige 3 is the current highest rank in Your Bizarre Adventure.

Prestige is what you get

Your Bizarre Adventure offers many benefits to players who increase their prestige rank. Requiem Arrows are a special item that can be used to enhance many Stands. Access to even more secret codes will be available, giving players access to many free rewards. These codes can often expire quickly so be quick to reach Prestige 3 and get more rewards.

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Players can participate in the Steel Ball Run Mode. It is located right behind Master Will. Steel Ball Run is a casual, competitive horse-racing activity in which players race for first place. The race reward players with an in-game cosmetic, access to Master Will’s Requiem Arrows and access to the Race Leaderboard.

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Prestige has been lost

After increasing your status, the player’s max levels will be reset to level 1, and they will have to grind again to reach the next level cap. Players also lose all their skill points. The story campaign will also reset to the beginning so that you can continue the game if you don’t finish it.

These benefits are still available to players even after they have achieved a higher prestige rank.

  • Current Stand
  • All products
  • All purchased gamepasses
  • All cosmetics
  • All money
  • Fighting style and current races

How to find Master Will

It’s not difficult to find Master Will. You can find Master Will by following the city’s boundary all the way to the end. He is just outside of a tunnel, and you can find him leaning against a wall. This is also where you will find the Steel Ball Run Lobby. When you enter the game, ensure that your face is towards the ocean and the beach. Continue on this road until you reach Master Will.

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