How to Play Snapshots in Minecraft

How to Play Snapshots in Minecraft

For years, Mojang has provided (for free) their current development process of the newest Minecraft features and updates. Many Minecraft fans look forward Wednesdays, as most Snapshots will be released on Wednesdays. But, not everyone knows how to benefit from these free updates. They will have to wait until the final release of the update in order to access these new features. We can help.

How to play Snapshots in Minecraft

Snapshots were once a tedious task as players had to manually download and install the development versions. Snapshots are only temporary and last for a few weeks before the next one. This made it less popular to try out new versions. Mojang made it much easier to test these new versions. Follow the steps below for more information about the development process.

Step 1: Go to Installations Tab

A screenshot of the Minecraft title page with Installations highlighted.A screenshot of the Minecraft title page with Installations highlighted.

When you have your Minecraft launcher open, don’t click Play! The Installations tab is located near the top. You can find it highlighted yellow in this image above if you’re having difficulty finding it. Click on that tab, and it will take you to the selection screen to choose which version of Minecraft you’d like to play.

Step Two: Allow and create a Snapshot file

A screenshot of the Miencraft installations tab.A screenshot of the Miencraft installations tab.

This step is divided into two sections. The first part is what players often overlook when trying to play Snapshots. The section marked blue in the image above is the one you will see. This is the area where you can check to allow Snapshots to be downloaded. This box must be checked. Next, click New. The yellow highlighted area in the above image is where you will find it.

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Step 3: Choose the Version

A screenshot of the version select screen in Minecraft.A screenshot of the version select screen in Minecraft.

The step consists of three parts. Each part is highlighted in a different color as shown in the image. The first step is the yellow highlight. This is where you enter the name of the Snapshot that you want to use. You can simply type Latest Snapshot in if you wish for the Play version to reflect the most recent Snapshots.

Next, select the Snapshot that you want to play. It will be highlighted in blue. You can choose Latest Snapshot from the drop-down menu to always play the latest Snapshots. You can also choose to play older Snapshots or older versions of Minecraft.

Lastly, you need to click Create, which is highlighted in pink. After clicking Create, you will be taken back to the previous screen. You’ll then see your new version along with other Installations. From here, select the Play tab to return to the main screen.

Step Four: Play!

A screenshot of the Minecraft Home Menu with the version select open.A screenshot of the Minecraft Home Menu with the version select open.

After you return to the main menu you will see the option to select the version you want to play at the bottom left. Make sure the one you just installed is selected, then click Play! Once you click Play, all worlds created or selected will be generated in the most recent Snapshot.

It’s as easy as that! Let’s say you want to go back to the official release. If you wish to return to the official release, you can do this by going back into the main menu.

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