How to play Mystery at Croft Manor in Fortnite: Creative Mode

How to play Mystery at Croft Manor in Fortnite: Creative Mode

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Mystery at Croft Manor is a Creative Mode in Fortnite. You can enroll in it to be taken to the mansion of a famous archaeologist for a puzzle-solving mission. There, clues will lead you to puzzles while jigsaw pieces will lead you to themed prizes. However, unlike the classic battle royale setup, you will need to input a code via the Main Menu to patch into its world.

To access Lara Croft’s home as a sole explorer or as a group of friends, you will first need to go to the Island tab in the Main Menu. From there, you will need to input the code 0116-9392-3142. After, just hit Play, and you will be loaded into the Mystery at Croft Manor mode.

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For future access, you can add the Mystery at Croft level to your favorite lists. Simply navigate to My Library and click on My Favorites. As long as you have the code, this can be done with any Creative Mode. Fortnite’s new level is here!

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