How to play Minecraft 2b2t – Server IP, version, and more

How to play Minecraft 2b2t – Server IP, version, and more

2b2t is Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server. This server, originally called 2builders2tools but founded in 2010, is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. It has been in operation for a decade. It has no rules and no authority. There is a lot of hacking, griefing, and exploits. Although it is the literal manifestation of anarchy within Minecraft, the server still attracts many users.

Go to Minecraft’s Multiplayer section and access 2b2t. Select Direct Connection, and then type in the IP section. Then you’ll find yourself in the server’s famous queue. 2b2t is an extremely popular server for anarchy. It has a priority queue which includes donors and long-standing members. The queues are often around 400 players in length.

Once you’ve sat through the queue, the next task is escaping spawn. 2b2t’sspawn is dangerous. Established players are constantly looking to kill newbies. If you can escape spawn, you’ll be able to start properly playing on 2b2t. This is not an easy task.

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Disclaimer and Warning

2b2t stands for anarchy server. This means you can do whatever you want. There are no regulations. This does not include illegal or illicit activities. To gain unfair advantages, other players on 2b2t may actively hack your account, socially engineer you login details, or use hacked client accounts to steal your account. It is a bad idea to play on 2b2t without being aware of the dangers and taking appropriate precautions.

Hacked clients are another common use of 2b2t members. Hacked Minecraft clients are not official Minecraft clients and are in violation of the Minecraft Terms Of Service. Hacked clients give their users access to cheats and hacks that give them far more freedom than the conventional “Vanilla” client. By interacting with hacked client, you may be violating the Minecraft ToS. 

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What version does 2b2t run on?

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2b2t is compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2. This means that the server was not updated since 2017, and the World of Color update.

However, this isn’t due to neglect. 2b2t, which is a server that hosts nearly 300 concurrent users, has had trouble with newer versions. The server was unable to cope with Kelp’s introduction in 1.13 Update aquatic due to the sheer number of entities generated by oceans.

2b2t has been on 1.12.2 since 2017. The server’s admin, Hausemaster carried out a test in 2021 which has renewed hope for the server being updated, but many doubt 2b2t will ever update

Are there any rules for 2b2t?

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2b2t, an anarchy-oriented server, has seen occasional admin interference. Hausemaster, the administrator, will intervene to stop lag machines and other server-damaging exploits. Also, illegal or hacked items can often be deleted. Additionally, items on top the Nether Roof are usually removed.

Beyond this though, Hausemaster’s intervention is limited. The landscape is littered by lava as people continuously grieve and harass players. There’s spam, trolling, hacks, and obscene language. Unless you’re prepared for this, it’s best to stay far away from 2b2t. 

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