How to Play Bio’s Zone Wars Trio in the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

How to Play Bio’s Zone Wars Trio in the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Event has been released and many new quests have been added. These quests require players to complete specific LTMs in Fortnite and earn different accolades. Many players aren’t sure how to join these game or which LTM to use to complete the quests. We will show you how to play Bio’s Zone Wars Trio which includes the first set of quests.

How to play Bio Zone Wars Trio.How to play Bio Zone Wars Trio.

The image below shows you the two steps that are required to play Bio Zone Wars Trio. To change your Game Mode, first go to Fortnite Home and click the Change button. Select the Game Mode Bio’s Zone Wars Trio Trio 1.0 Custom Teams on the next page. It will be at the bottom of your page, in middle.

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You are now ready to start the game once you have completed all the steps. Below are the quests and rewards you will need to complete in order to play this game.

  • Bios Zone Wars Trio: Dead damage to players [1000]
    • Reward: Brain Freeze (Slurpberry).
  • Bios Zone Wars Trio – Get headshot elimination [10]
    • Reward: Firecracker Freefall
  • Assist your teammates in removing Bios Zone War Trio [50]
    • Reward: Cloud Llama Board

Video Guide

Alternativ, you may use the video below.

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