Divine Ingenuity is Genshin Impact’s first Custom Domain-making event. It runs from Mar. 2, 2022 to Mar. 21, 2022. All players are invited to the event Adventure rank 28 and higher who have completed the Liyue Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches.

After you complete the first Preset Domain, Custom Domains are available. You can load them up with obstacles and other challenges to challenge your fellow players. Here are the steps to add objects to your Custom Domain.

How to place objects

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The editing menu will appear after you create or edit a Custom Domain. The bottom of the screen will show you a list of all objects that may be placed within the area. To browse through the different categories, switch between tabs.

Click on an objectIt will appear in the Custom Domain. Drag it to the position you wish to place it. You can also choose to Move the object horizontally or vertically.

As the names suggest, you can move the object vertically to drag it up or down. While moving it horizontally will let you drag it left or right, If you wish to Zoom in on the objectPlease click here Focus button. Click the button when you are satisfied with the object’s position. Please confirmYou can find it on the right.

You will find the following information at the bottom of the screen: shortcuts for swapping between vertical and horizontal movement, as well as the confirm action—depending on the platform you’re playing on.

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Situations in which objects can’t be placed

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In some cases, it is impossible to place objects onto the Custom Domain. These situations are common when there isn’t enough space. There are overlaps When you need to place multiple objects together, or when you are trying to place one object in another Position not supportedBy the game. Thunder Sakura Bough, for example, can only go on the ground or on a surface, while Thunder Sphere, on the other hand, can only be placed in midair.

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If there is a sign that the object can be moved, it will tell you. blue outline surrounding it. An object that cannot be placed in its original position is marked with an Orange outline.

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Batch Select

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It is a convenient way to move multiple objects within a domain. Click on the Batch Select buttonOn the righthand panel. This allows you to move multiple objects in a specific area. It can also be useful if you plan to change the location of obstacles courses.

Screenshot taken by Schachmatt.cc

After clicking the Batch Select button click on an object you wish to move. This toolDoes not read individual objectsInstead, selectsEverything in close proximity to selected object. Click another object to expand the range.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, drag left or right, up or down (make sure that you toggle between horizontal and vertical movements) to move all objects in the selection.

Placing Limit

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Each object contains unique specifications. Each object’s top left has a hammer icon that indicates its load. Each Area can only be used for one purpose.700 Load placement limit. You will find the information button at the top right of every object. This will provide you with additional information. sizing details.

You can place unlimited numbers of identical objects, up to the limit. The only exception is the Destination—there can only be one per Domain. This is also an option. Critical ObjectThey must be in all Custom Domains to be playable.

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Take a look at our Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity Event GuideIf you don’t have the Custom Domain function yet, click here to enable it.


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